Dr. Marc Luko, PT, DPT, CSCS

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Founder | Physical Therapist | Trainer

McGill Master Clinician (Back Pain Expert)

Dr. Marc Luko is the founder of Optimal Performance & Reconditioning. As a former track and field athlete himself, he dealt with his fair share of injuries. A devastating lower back injury that resulted in back and right leg pain led him down the path of learning more about low back disorders. This would eventually lead to pursuing a doctorate of physical therapy and the work of Dr. Stuart McGill, a world-renowned back pain expert. In his efforts to rehab his own injury, he began to realize some of the shortcomings of the current healthcare model. This was the genesis of Optimal Performance.

Dr. Luko received his Bachelor's Degree in Health Studies and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Boston University. He is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

While Dr. Luko does work with clients with varying injuries, he specializes in working with clients suffering from low back disorders from all over the world. Dr. Luko is one of the only practitioners in the world that has been designated as a McGill Method Master Clinician through Backfitpro by the world's leading expert on low back pain, Dr. Stuart McGill.

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What Others Have Said

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Marc Luko helped me so much! I saw him 6 weeks ago for neck and back pain. The ortho doctors I had seen had not been able to help me for almost 2 years. Marc had me feeling better in hours. I used to have pain daily and now have only had pain once in 6 weeks and it was mild. Marc got me back to work and back to having a life

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Marc is the best physical therapist I haven’t seen in quite a while. That’s the most important point I’d share about Marc - it sounds a little strange, maybe, but Marc rehabs you and teaches you.

It’s the teaching and subsequent empowerment that differentiates him from your run of the mill PT. He sets you up to know how to take care of yourself.

Now, I’ve been in for different things over the past couple of years but not because we are still troubleshooting the same fundamental issue (I have the gift of coming up with new ways to antagonize my body as a competitive powerlifter). I’ve learned so much about not only assessing my body but also in how it responds to treatment through Marc.

Undoubtedly he has had a major impact on my ability to compete in my last few meets without what previously were just the usual “nagging” issues that I’d see a PT for and give up on as their treatments were much more scattershot, trying to figure out what root cause we are even trying to address.

I could tell the difference immediately working with Marc.
I feel lucky to have found him and recommend him to anyone else working through the complex chains of sports injuries. He’s methodical, well-informed, and focused in his approach

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I've had a great experience working with Marc for my chronic low back pain! He helped me go from frequent pain during daily activities to being able to do my extreme sports without injuring my back! He takes a lot of time to work with each individual patient and cares deeply about your personal outcome. He helped me understand my body so much better and was wonderful at explaining everything. The PT was a little pricey (with my particular insurance, at least) but I feel like it was the best possible thing I could've done for my back. Thank you Marc!

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You will find professionalism at the core of every feature within Optimal Performance & Reconditioning. From the outset of my initial consultation, in each session, and throughout the evolution of my therapy, Marc provided a tailored program specific to my needs. This is not a cookie-cutter physical therapy business. Marc demonstrated an attention to detail and a command of his profession that left me confident I was receiving paramount care. In-person visits were informative and instructive and in between sessions, if I had questions or comments, Marc always responded promptly.

I was at the pinnacle of my physical fitness when I ruptured a disk in my low back during a heavy deadlift. A year later, I ruptured another disk while simply kneeling down and bending over. This was followed by years of low-back pain, sciatica, neuropathy, and limited mobility. I was very disinclined to surgery and wanted my body to recover naturally. After multiple stretches of sub-standard care and indistinguishable PT programs, with little progress, I discovered Optimal Performance & Reconditioning.

Today I am pain free. I’m also back to swinging kettlebells, running, and martial arts. Working with Marc, I began to see substantial progress within the first couple months. This positive response so early in my recovery was a boost physically and psychologically after years of living with low-back and nerve pain. To sum it up, Marc is in a league of his own. His methods identified the root cause of my pain, tailored a physical therapy program that evolved with my progress, and helped me achieve all the goals I had declared in my initial consult. Optimal Performance & Reconditioning lives up to its namesake. Highly recommended