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A ten-minute appointment is not enough time to truly know what caused your injury. It is barely enough time to make two cups of cappuccino. To get your life back, you need a thorough assessment to determine the cause of your symptoms and a plan that is specifically for you.

You Need An Expert Who Has Helped Others Like You

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At Optimal Performance & Reconditioning, our highly-trained experts offer consultations that are catered to your specific needs and goals. We also provide online options for those who are pressed for time or prefer the convenience of expert-level care from the comfort of their home.

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Healthcare is supposed to help. Let our PT experts at Optimal Performance help YOU.

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You Can Get Your Active Lifestyle Back!


Step 1: Request An Appointment

We value your time. Before we can work together, we want to make sure that we are a good fit for one another. 


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2: Schedule An Evaluation

To get back to being active, we need to find the CAUSE of your injury. Our thorough evaluation will help us do that for you. Just want help on strategies to avoid injury? We can help you with that, too. 

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Step 3: Get Active

Once we know the cause of your injury, we will construct a plan that is catered to your goals. It's time to get your life back! 

Hear From Others We've Helped From Across the Country

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Over the years I have had many physical therapists. While I have had several very good ones - Sarah K is outstanding. She is extremely personable, professional, knowledgeable, and shows genuine concern for her patients. She is very patient and often goes above and beyond “in office” treatments. Sarah has also treated my daughter and has rehabilitated her through multiple injuries. She has provided outstanding strength and conditioning regiments – which have helped us both. I can not recommend Sarah enough! Both my daughter and I always knew we were in “excellent hands”

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Marc is the best physical therapist I haven’t seen in quite a while. That’s the most important point I’d share about Marc - it sounds a little strange, maybe, but Marc rehabs you and teaches you.

It’s the teaching and subsequent empowerment that differentiates him from your run of the mill PT. He sets you up to know how to take care of yourself.

Now, I’ve been in for different things over the past couple of years but not because we are still troubleshooting the same fundamental issue (I have the gift of coming up with new ways to antagonize my body as a competitive powerlifter). I’ve learned so much about not only assessing my body but also in how it responds to treatment through Marc.

Undoubtedly he has had a major impact on my ability to compete in my last few meets without what previously were just the usual “nagging” issues that I’d see a PT for and give up on as their treatments were much more scattershot, trying to figure out what root cause we are even trying to address.

I could tell the difference immediately working with Marc.
I feel lucky to have found him and recommend him to anyone else working through the complex chains of sports injuries. He’s methodical, well-informed, and focused in his approach

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If you have suffered any kind of back or spinal injury and want to get out of pain and back to doing what you love to do, Dr. Luko (Marc) is your guy.

Marc is a back-pain and spine expert. He is a certified McGill Master Clinician. That means his approach is carefully tailored to identify the precise mechanical cause of your injury, and teach you the movement patterns to avoid triggering your injury. He was the first doctor I spoke to who was invested in clearly identifying my cause of pain and taking steps to treat it appropriately. His treatment goal is to wind down the pain you are in and then from that point built back up pain-free motion over time.

I had a badly herniated L5-S1 disc and left-leg sciatica for almost 2 years before getting minimally invasive surgery to remove the herniation, on Marc’s recommendation. I worked with Marc post-surgery to rehabilitate my back and and regain pain-free use of my left leg. I had always been an active individual, but this injury had sidelined me from strength training, skiing, and BJJ, all activities I loved. With Marc’s help I was able to get back into it and I’m now virtually pain-free doing the things I love. Marc did not just get me out of pain, he used his knowledge of strength and conditioning to get me back in shape and keep me as active as possible during my recovery phase. If you are an active individual suffering from an injury to your back Marc should be your first choice.

Save yourself time, money, and pain. If you are experiencing back or spine related issues, go see Marc.

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Marc Luko helped me so much! I saw him 6 weeks ago for neck and back pain. The ortho doctors I had seen had not been able to help me for almost 2 years. Marc had me feeling better in hours. I used to have pain daily and now have only had pain once in 6 weeks and it was mild. Marc got me back to work and back to having a life

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I've had a great experience working with Marc for my chronic low back pain! He helped me go from frequent pain during daily activities to being able to do my extreme sports without injuring my back! He takes a lot of time to work with each individual patient and cares deeply about your personal outcome. He helped me understand my body so much better and was wonderful at explaining everything. The PT was a little pricey (with my particular insurance, at least) but I feel like it was the best possible thing I could've done for my back. Thank you Marc!

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You will find professionalism at the core of every feature within Optimal Performance & Reconditioning. From the outset of my initial consultation, in each session, and throughout the evolution of my therapy, Marc provided a tailored program specific to my needs. This is not a cookie-cutter physical therapy business. Marc demonstrated an attention to detail and a command of his profession that left me confident I was receiving paramount care. In-person visits were informative and instructive and in between sessions, if I had questions or comments, Marc always responded promptly.

I was at the pinnacle of my physical fitness when I ruptured a disk in my low back during a heavy deadlift. A year later, I ruptured another disk while simply kneeling down and bending over. This was followed by years of low-back pain, sciatica, neuropathy, and limited mobility. I was very disinclined to surgery and wanted my body to recover naturally. After multiple stretches of sub-standard care and indistinguishable PT programs, with little progress, I discovered Optimal Performance & Reconditioning.

Today I am pain free. I’m also back to swinging kettlebells, running, and martial arts. Working with Marc, I began to see substantial progress within the first couple months. This positive response so early in my recovery was a boost physically and psychologically after years of living with low-back and nerve pain. To sum it up, Marc is in a league of his own. His methods identified the root cause of my pain, tailored a physical therapy program that evolved with my progress, and helped me achieve all the goals I had declared in my initial consult. Optimal Performance & Reconditioning lives up to its namesake. Highly recommended