About Us

Marc Luko Headshot

Dr. Marc Luko, PT, DPT, CSCS

Founder, Physical Therapist, Trainer

Fun Facts:

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Favorite Sports Team: New York Giants

Favorite Food: Pizza

Education, Certifications, Affiliations:

BS Health Studies, Boston University

Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Boston University

McGill Method Master Clinician

Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Sarah Kuzmack Headshot

Dr. Sarah Kuzmack, PT, DPT, ATC

Physical Therapist, Trainer

Fun Facts:

Hometown: Long Island, NY 

Favorite TV Show: Chopped 

Most Memorable Event: Skydiving 

Hobbies: Golf, tennis, cooking 

Education, Certifications, Affiliations:

BS Athletic Training, Boston University

Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Boston University

Vestibular Rehabilitation and Post Concussion Syndrome Specialist

Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Certified 

About Marc

Marc understands injured athletes. At 16 years old he found himself in the physician’s office being told that nothing could be done for his right knee pain besides…stopping running, which he could not do!

Frustrated by the lack of advice he received, Marc went looking for other solutions to get him back on the track running. That’s when he was introduced to the world of Athletic Training and Physical Therapy.

As a former college athlete plagued with injuries and few solutions, Marc gets it. He has faced many of the same challenges you face today. He knows what it’s like to be scared about whether you’ll ever be able to be active again. It’s physically and emotionally devastating to not be able to participate in the workouts and sports you love.

Marc has figured out how to keep active adults and athletes in the game, doing their workouts, and being active for life. That’s why he started Optimal Performance and Reconditioning - to make sure that no one has to suffer from the lack of care like he did as a 16-year-old.

If you’re serious about getting back to the workouts and sports you love, then Optimal Performance and Reconditioning is the place for you.

About Sarah

From an early age, Sarah has always had a passion for helping others.  While naturally athletic, she was also concerned about participating in activities that could lead to injury. After being exposed to physical therapy from high school soccer injuries, she discovered this was the perfect fit for helping others achieve recovery and long term prevention. She went on to earn both her B.S. in Athletic Training and Doctor of Physical Therapy from Boston University.

Sarah was involved in concussion management/rehabilitation while on the sidelines and in the clinic as an athletic training student. She then had a clinical affiliation at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital where she studied under a vestibular therapist.  Vestibular therapy combined her enjoyment of neurological and orthopedic related conditions. She has since gone on to further educate herself on the complexities of vestibular and concussion rehabilitation. 

When Sarah is not assisting patients recovering from complex dizziness or headache-related challenges, she can be found motivating people of all ages to reach their lifestyle and fitness goals through performance training. She also continues to assist people in achieving their functional goals while recovering from general orthopedic injuries.