Meet Our Vestibular Specialist In Northern Virginia 

Dr. Kuzmack is an expert in treating neck pain. Call her on 240-514-7439!

Speak to our vestibular specialist here in Northern Virginia and Put An End To neck pain for good!

If you’re looking for a vestibular specialist in the Northern Virginia area, then Dr. Kuzmack is here to help. 

If you’ve been suffering from neck pain for too long, then speak to vestibular specialist Dr. Kuzmack. She’ll make it her mission to obliterate your vestibular and neck pain problems for good!  

Amicable Setting

Dr. Kuzmack is a qualified and experienced vestibular specialist and will get to the root cause of your neck pain.

From our comfortable clinic in Northern Virginia, Dr. Kuzmack will apply her extensive knowledge and expertise into vestibular issues and pain and formulate a bespoke plan for your recovery, with the aim of putting an end to pain for good!

Covid-Compliant Care

Appointments take place in a sanitized and Covid-compliant environment. Yet, Dr. Kuzmack also offers a 30-minute free vestibular consultation online in case you live out of the Northern Virginia region, or if you’d prefer to speak from the comfort of your own home. 

An End to Vestibular Pain

At Optimal Performance and Reconditioning, we know that neck pain caused by poor posture, vestibular injuries, illness and repetitive strain can make day-to-day life a trial. 

However, once you are in the care of our vestibular specialist here in Northern Virginia, you will soon see that there is a way through. 

Informative and Personalized 

You may have already tried a number of other vestibular specialists and still find you are suffering from neck pain.

We are confident that Dr. Kuzmack and the team here at the Optimal Performance and Reconditioning clinic here in Northern Virginia will be your last port of call.

Because as well as offering her personal care, Dr. Kuzmack will also advise you on how you can advocate for yourself through guidance and education meaning the results are meant for life. 

Give Us a Call

Dr. Kuzmack’s virtual consultation service means she is able to support you wherever you are in the world!

Get in touch to book an appointment with Dr. Kuzmack today on 240-514-7439, hit the ‘Book A Virtual Appointment Button’ or fill out the form. 

She looks forward to meeting you soon!

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Clients share their experience

"Sarah Kuzmack is a gem. She brings the utmost professionalism, knowledge, and respect to her clients. I have actually found her more insightful and helpful than my doctors. I highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed."
Hans Farnstrom
"Over the years I have had many physical therapists. While I have had several very good ones - Sarah K is outstanding. She is extremely personable, professional, knowledgeable, and shows genuine concern for her patients."
Karen Ravitz
"I recently worked with Sarah to rehab my neck after an injury caused nerve pain and prevented me from doing daily tasks and my sport. Now, I'm finally able to go to practice and work towards my goals!"
Alex Silver

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