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Optimal Performance and Reconditioning is a physical therapy practice in Falls Church, Virginia. We provide expert treatment for neck problems and pain. 

If you are looking for a neck pain specialist in the Northern Virginia, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Dr. Kuzmack is our neck pain specialist here at our Northern Virginia clinic and t’s her goal to put you back on a road to a pain-free life!

Friendly Environment

From the Optimal Performance and Reconditioning practice in Fall Church, Dr. Kuzmack will diagnose and treat your neck pain in a relaxed and comfortable environment. 

She’ll take you through a routine evaluation to pinpoint the cause of your issue, help you outline goals for recovery and then draft a recovery program to ensure optimal results.

Covid-Compliant Care

All of our consultations take place in a safe, Covid-compliant environment and her personal care will ensure progress is made and sustained throughout treatment. 

Dr. Kuzmack also offers a free 30-minute neck pain consultation online if you would prefer to discuss your situation from the comfort of your own home. 

You’ll be invited for routine check-ins, in a format that suits you best and she’ll take the time to reassess goals and check for any further underlying risk factors for as long as is necessary to get you well. 

Client-Focused and Fun

Of course, neck pain is anything but fun, but at Optimal Performance and Reconditioning, we like to make the recovery experience as pleasant as possible!

The service you receive from Dr. Kuzmack at our Falls Church location will be friendly and relaxed. That’s because all of our back pain and neck pain experts have your very best interests at heart.

Personalized and Informative

The neck pain treatment you receive from us will be based on your personal set of goals, unique circumstances and current lifestyle choices. 

We’ll help you understand more about the root causes of your neck pain – and how you can go about self care. After all, the more you know the better you can advocate for yourself and the more successful your recovery will be. 

Give Us a Call

Our neck pain expertise reaches well beyond Northern Virginia: Dr. Kuzmack’s virtual consultation service means she can work with you wherever you are in the world! 

Get in touch today on 240-514-7439, hit the ‘Book A Virtual Appointment Button’ or fill out the form so that you get started on your road to recovery soon


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Clients share their experience

"Sarah Kuzmack is a gem. She brings the utmost professionalism, knowledge, and respect to her clients. I have actually found her more insightful and helpful than my doctors. I highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed."
Hans Farnstrom
"Over the years I have had many physical therapists. While I have had several very good ones - Sarah K is outstanding. She is extremely personable, professional, knowledgeable, and shows genuine concern for her patients."
Karen Ravitz
"I recently worked with Sarah to rehab my neck after an injury caused nerve pain and prevented me from doing daily tasks and my sport. Now, I'm finally able to go to practice and work towards my goals!"
Alex Silver

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